Felpham Dental Ceramics

You can come directly to us for professional denture cleaning and repair without having to see your dentist first!

We can clean your dentures in 1 hour using the Renfert Sympro Cleaning system and aim to repair your dentures on the same day to cause you as little inconvenience as possible.  

Cleaning done at home is correct and important. However it does not prevent deposits from forming leading to a bad taste, bad breath, the denture not working as well and an unattractive and lacklustre appearance of your denture.

Let us help you to smile with confidence and improve your wellbeing through oral hygiene

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Direct Denture Cleaning

and Repair Service

We are a Dental Laboratory based in Felpham, Bognor Regis providing services both locally and within the UK. We are dentist recommended for denture cleaning and repair, GDC registered and all our products aim to give a natural finish and a first class smile. We use both cutting edge technology and conventional methods along with using the highest quality materials.